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Easy Meal Planning »

Tweet Do you sometimes feel as if you spend an inordinate amount of time on food? Stop and think about all the tasks involved in simply keeping your family fed: planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up.  As soon as you’ve finished with one meal, it’s time to start thinking about the next one! Well, […]

Enjoying Wine With Food »

Tweet I love pairing wine with food. It makes even the most ho hum meal into something a little more special.  But I am definitely not a wine expert!  Often, when I receive a bottle as a gift, I feel as if I might not be getting as much enjoyment from it as I could […]

Dealing With A Bad Day »

Tweet Isn’t it amazing (and horrible) how one event can change your day from good to bad in an instant? I’m sure you can think of instances where this has happened in your own life.  Your work day (or weekend) is rolling smoothly along when – *BAM!* – you get a phone call, email, visitor, […]